Watching the movie is the first step, now it’s time to take action!

See some options below of how you can make an impact to help Laos:



Post on social media

The best way to take action is to talk about Laos so more people can #KnowAboutLaos! Use our campaign hashtag #KnowAboutLaos to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform and join the conversation. Solutions can’t be found until people know that there is a problem. Tell your friends, family, and community about the secret war and UXO currently remaining in Laos.


One of the best ways to help Laos is to visit Laos! After seeing the film, it’s obvious that Laos is a beautiful country rich with culture, cuisine, and very kind people. It is completely safe for you to visit Laos. We are currently developing a sustainable tourism guide which you can use during your stay in Laos to make the best impact you can while enjoying this beautiful place! Check back in in late 2019 to download a copy or subscribe to get an email when it is released.



Support a non-profit

There are many organizations doing work in Laos in the UXO sector.

We’ve partnered with some that we trust and need your support:

  • UXO Lao (which is featured in the film) works to clear UXO all over Laos.

  • Humanity & Inclusion (formerly Handicap International) which offers disability services.

  • The COPE Center (featured in the film) in Vientiane which offers rehabilitation, educational, emergency, and prosthetic services.