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The United States of America secretly
bombed Laos more heavily per capita
than any country in the history of warfare.
This Little Land of Mines is an independent documentary currently in production/post-production. It's about the resilience of the Laotian people as they live among and work to clear 80 million unexploded ordnance (UXO) that the United States dropped during the Vietnam War era. Most Americans have no idea the United States was involved in Laos because it was entirely covert. The US bombing of Laos spanned three US presidents and was the largest covert CIA operation in US history.
Today, millions and millions of unexploded bombs continue to kill and maim innocent people; almost half the victims of UXO accidents are children. The vast majority of Laotians are subsistence farmers, so the constant fear of striking a bomb in their fields is not only a physical threat, but a psychological terror.
However, the overall Laotian attitude towards the United States and the UXO issues is incredibly inspiring; Lao people are resilient in the face of this post-war legacy. This Little Land of Mines is specifically targeted for 18 to 35-year-old Americans with a mission to educate Americans about a huge piece of the Vietnam War that was swept under the rug. Laos is a developing country, and in the past 20 years of clearing have only destroyed less than 1% of the UXO in Laos. We believe that with proper education of the American people, the United States can do a better job offering efficient and effective aid to Laos.
Through lovable characters, striking cinematography, powerful musical score, and cathartic stories, This Little Land of Mines hopes to be an outlet for Lao people to share their stories and resilience with American people. 



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